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The events and how they will be run

Warm up Scratch

A scratch race is a track cycling race in which all riders start together, and the objective is simply to be first over the finish line after a certain number of laps.  Whistle on a rolling start and bell with one lap to go.

One Lap Screamer

The contestant with the fastest time for the 250 meters wins.  The one lap screamer participants ride alone, from a hand-held standing start.  Pursuit bars are allowed but are rarely used as the time lost in the transition cannot be made up over the short distance.  The key to winning is to have an explosive start.  One restart will be allowed for a mishap.


The Snowball is a mass start event, usually a whistle on a rolling start.  After several neutral laps, the first across the line on the following sprint laps are awarded points.  1 point for the first lap sprint, 2 for the second lap sprint, 3 for the third lap sprint and so on.  The points snowball.  Tactics vary; do riders win the sprints that they can or do they save energy and risk it all on the later higher point sprints.

Italian Pursuit

Two teams of an equal number of riders start from either side of the track off the top fence and chase each other.  Each team rides in line, in their starting order.  The first rider completes one lap and pulls out, the second rider completes two laps and pulls out, the third rider completes three laps and pulls out, and so on.  Each rider is only on the front for their last lap.  The number of laps depends on the number of riders in the teams.  Timing is taken on the last rider of each team to cross their finish line.  Riders swing up in their home straight (marked with cones) and exit the track when safe to do so.  Tactics revolve around the order of riders, usually weaker riders first followed by stronger riders, or, sprinters followed by endurance riders.  However, the first rider also needs to have a measured start to bring the whole team up to speed without gaps forming.  As this is a timed event if one team catches the other then it must pass safely and continue to race.  Bragging rights only.  Neither team is allowed to sit on.  Once passed a team cannot repass the other team and must finish behind.  


A wheel race is a handicapped event generally run over 6 laps. Maximum 24 riders on a 250 mtr track. Longest handicap is limit and the shortest is scratch. Whistle from a standing start. If there are not enough handlers then we will start all riders off the bottom fence. This race will not be included in the omnium points.