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The club handicapper is responsible for assigning grades and handicaps to all riders competing in club events.

During regular club racing events the club has grades A to F and riders are assigned based on ability. The movement of riders both up and down grades is encouraged. This is necessary to ensure enjoyable, competitive riding with the correct balance between grades. It recognises that a rider’s performance will usually vary over time depending on training levels and personal circumstances.

On race day, all requests to ride down a grade will be at the discretion of the Commassaire.  As a guideline, riders are strongly encouraged to ride in their allocated grade.  If they get dropped, then they can ride 5 metres behind another grade and move off the course when that grade has finished its race.

Riders who ‘ride down’ from their allocated grade will not be entitled to receive more than two points in the point score competition.

General Grading Guidelines

If a rider, within a twelve month period, is placed in the top three positions 7 times or if they win 3 events they become eligible for promotion and will be moved to the next higher grade.  Riders who have previously ridden in a higher grade or riders who compete infrequently may be promoted earlier.

Riders eligible for a lower grading are those dropped from the bunch on 6 or more occasions, riders who consistently place in the last third of the field or riders returning from major injury. These riders are encouraged to request to move down a grade. After moving down a grade, if a rider is placed in the top 3 positions of their first 4 events, they will return to a higher grade.

Non Waratah Masters riders will be allocated a grade by the handicapper taking into account their own club grade and the strength of that club. A new rider’s grading will be reassessed after their initial ride.

For “handicap” events where riders start alone or in groups, the handicapper will determine positions based on recent performance.

Riders are encouraged to volunteer to progress to higher grades if they feel ready. Riders who are returning to cycling after prolonged absence or injury are encouraged to discuss this with the handicapper. It may be appropriate to move down a grade to ensure riding is more enjoyable for everyone.

All grading decisions are at the discretion of the handicapper.

President / Handicapper
Paul King
Mob: 0408 962 164