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Before Racing

It is each riders responsibility to ensure that their bicycle is in a roadworthy condition, compliant with regulations and that they are wearing a helmet which complies with Australian safety standards.

Register and sign on at least 20 minutes before the scheduled start of your race.

Register in the grade (handicap group) recorded in the Club database, unless approval to change up or down has been obtained from the Handicapper, Assistant Handicapper or Race Manager.

When warming up before your event, if allowed on circuit, keep well away from the back of the last rider in a race group.

Listen for and take notice of the race managers/commissaries instructions for each race.


During Racing

In graded races, take heed of any instructions from grade captains.

Strictly comply with all directions given by commissaries, marshals or other race officials.

Marshals will do their best to control traffic but the final responsibility rests with riders to ensure their own safety.

Ride as straight a line as possible (hold your line) in the bunch and do not make any sudden sideways movements. Do not undercut other riders and force them to change their line

safet-road-cycling-cross-wheelingLeave space between yourself and the rider in front to avoid ‘cross-wheeling’ (overlapping wheels) which is a common cause of accidents in racing.

If riders ‘change their line’ avoid overlapping wheels.

safety-road-cycling-alertBe alert and ride aware – your actions turning, braking and accelerating can affect other riders.

Avoid sudden braking.

Be aware of the “kick back” when riders get out of the saddle, give yourself space

safety-road-racing-corneringWhen cornering keep the same arc on entry and exit.

This is called “Holding your line” and means if you go in tight- stay tight. If you go in wide – stay wide.

safety-road-racing-cornersWhen cornering keep your inside pedal up as you lean in to avoid it clipping the road and throwing you off line.

Raise your arm and be vocal if you have a puncture or other problem.

When taking a drink, hold out your bottle and keep to the side of the group

Front riders: warn group about traffic and hazards ahead.

Rear riders: warn group if traffic or another grade approaches from the rear.

A firm grip and relaxed arms will help you stay upright if you get nudged by another rider

Show courtesy to other road users, competitors and race officials. Anti-social behaviour and language will not be tolerated and offenders will incur a penalty and may be suspended.

safety-road-racing-passing-gradesWhen passing other grades, give them due consideration:

  • pass on the right hand side, maintaining a gap of at least one metre between the two grades.
  • wait until there is a distance of at least 10 metres between the two grades before cutting back in.
  • do not pass and then slow down. This only impedes the other grade which could be chasing a breakaway.
  • do not try to force your way through at turns – there is no right of way hierarchy of one grade over another.
  • in effect, avoid doing anything which may affect the normal progress of the other grades race.

When being passed by other grades:

  • do not take shelter or any other advantage from the overtaking grade. Allow the passing grade to get well clear, staying at least 25 metres behind. In most cases it’s best to go neutral until the passing grade is out of sight. Failure to comply may lead to disqualification.
  • do not try to re-overtake the passing grade if it is a higher grade, except if you are in a final sprint.


In The Sprint


Once you decide you want to be in it, go all the way – do not slow abruptly.

Ride a straight line, however tempting it may be to cut in or out.

Keep both hands on the bars at all times, before and after the finish line.

Back off early if it is a big field and you know you are not competitive.


After The Race

safet-road-racing-circuitIf other races are still in progress keep close to the left hand side of the circuit and get off the circuit as soon as possible.

Many race finishes are impeded by inconsiderate riders who are rolling back to the finish line and not giving riders still racing a clear run

Riders are responsible for claiming their finishing place immediately after the end of the race. Claims should be made to the commissaire or duty officer on the day. Once the prize presentation is complete the results will be considered final.

Return your race number promptly.

Attend the prize presentation.

Ensure that the area is left in a neat and tidy state.

Download the Waratah Masters Guide to Safe Racing

The 156kb PDF includes the most important guidelines for safe competitive cycling.