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For general enquiries, please contact the club secretary, Paul Regattieri. For specific enquiries, contact information for club officers is provided.

For information on up-and-coming races and events, please refer to the Race Shedule while information on last-minute event cancellations due to rain or storms is published on twitter @waratahmasters


ian jackson president waratah masters
Ian Jackson
Mob: 0409 030 855

dennis sullivan race manager waratah masters
Race Manager
Denis Sullivan
Mob: 0417 265 200

chris mcguigan handicapper waratah masters
Vice President / Handicapper
Chris McGuigan
Mob: 0411 215 088

Joanne Cameron waratah masters cycling Chief Commisaire
Chief Commisaire
Joanne Cameron
Mob: 0478 681 662

paul regattieri secretary waratah masters
Paul Regattieri
Mob: 0419 004 580

steve cassidy website management
Website Management
Steve Cassidy
Mob: 0403 330426

Gil Candido
Mob: 0400 828 877

Ordinary Member
Brett McMurtrie