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In order to encourage members to participate in Masters State and National Championships and AusCycling promoted state and country events, the Club had adopted the following policy regarding race entry fee reimbursement:

  • State and National Masters Championships: Reimburse up to $200 p.a. for entry into road or track events.
  • Country Track and Road Races: Reimburse up to $200 p.a. for entry into country track or road races listed on the AusCycling events calendar. This excludes sportif and fondo type events e.g. Blayney to Bathurst, Bowral Classic.
  • Additional Funding: Consideration will be given to some additional funding for groups of Waratahs who wish to represent the Club at Country Events. Any proposals should be submitted to the committee for prior agreement.

To make a claim, please complete this form.  Claims are processed each month and you will be notified once your claim is completed.