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The objective of these rules is to promote safe, fair and enjoyable competition in compliance with the requirements of the relevant authorities. When signing on for an event, riders commit to abide by these rules.

In particular it is essential that each rider makes a personal commitment to do his or her best to ensure the safe and smooth conduct of each event in which they participate.

The Club reserves the right to refuse race entry to any rider who is judged by the handicapper or a committee member to not be capable of racing in a safe and considerate manner.

Racing is conducted in accordance with the rules of the New South Wales Cycling Federation, supplemented by the Waratah Masters C.C. rules as set out below. Where there is inconsistency between the Federation rules and the Waratah rules, the Federation rules shall prevail.

Where the Waratah rules do not address a particular circumstance, the Federation rules shall apply.

In addition the Club endorses the Australian Cycling Federation’s code of conduct which applies to all of its members and licensed competitors.

Rider safety is paramount in all our races. To compete your bike must be a road bike (no mountain bikes etc) and race worthy with no pumps, lights or other items that could come loose. You must have proper drop handle bars with no missing bungs in the bar ends. Tri-bars are only permitted in individual time trial events. A helmet is compulsory and it must be approved by the Australian Safety Standards Association, with an approved sticker attached.

You are responsible for your own safety and the safety of those you ride with.

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