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The Waratah Masters Cycling Club relies on help and support from all members to stage enjoyable, well managed races.

Every club member is a assigned roles in the duty roster to help with the management of one or two races each year. On these days, duty roster helpers are not able to compete. The contribution by our members is vital and it is what makes Waratah races so successful.


The responsibilities of Duty Helpers.

In order for the club to continue to conduct safe and timely races it is vital that Duty Helpers understand what’s required of them and act accordingly. The following is a brief outline of what is required each week.

  • If you are unable to attend you must notify the Duty Officer early in the week preceding so alternative arrangements can be made. No shows are severely frowned upon!
  • You should arrive at the race venue at least one hour before the starting time to help unpack the van and lay out the course. This is absolutely vital at the Homebush and the Eastern Creek Dragway circuit, where set up is more complex and time consuming
  • During the race one duty helper will be required to act as spotter calling groups over the walkie talkie as groups approach the straight.
  • All duty helpers must be prepared to stay after prizes are awarded to re-set the course and help pack up the van. It is not the responsibility of the van driver to pack up the van, this is the duty helpers responsibility.

The Duty Roster is displayed alongside the Race Schedule, please view the Race Schedule to plan ahead.