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The order window to buy Waratah clothing is now open until 17 March.

We are pleased to introduce a new training jersey design in addition to the clubs official race jersey (see attached).

The training jersey has been developed to meet a demand for an alternative design to complement the clubs official race jersey. This design replaces the previous 25 year limited edition design.

Special thanks to Chris Fowler and Marcus Judge for their help in developing the new design.

Please note that if you intend to compete in state or national events you are required to wear the clubs official sanctioned jersey (not the training jersey), or your entry may be refused.

Here is the link to the site for you to place orders:

Champion have also agreed to attend our race meeting this Sunday, 7 March, at Lansdowne. Here they’ll have products on display and you’ll be able to ask questions and place orders. So if you’re unsure of anything come along and ask.

Champions dedicated Waratah ordering site hopefully makes the order process easy. If an item you’d like is not shown you are welcome to contact Champion (8030 7080) and discuss your needs.

You have the choice of having your order shipped directly to your home, for a small fee, or alternatively included in a bulk delivery that will be brought to our Sunday races.