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As you’ve no doubt heard, Cycling NSW has announced that their race sanctions have been withdrawn for all cycling events (club, open and sanctioned recreational) until 30 April. This date will be reviewed on a rolling basis with the possibility of further extensions.

As a consequence, all Waratah Sunday racing has been cancelled until 30 April or whenever sanctions are reinstated.

Our major ‘open’ event, the Erik Mather Cup previously scheduled for 13 April, will be re-scheduled once racing recommences.

The CNSW announcement also makes reference to bunch rides. The Waratahs do not have any official or sanctioned bunch rides. However, some club members do participate in bunch rides with other riders. If these rides continue, and if you continue to participate in them, then we encourage everyone to take note of the comments in the release on ‘social distancing’.

We are going through some ‘interesting times’ which unfortunately impacts us all and the sport we all love. We will keep you posted on further developments. Meanwhile keep well and keep safe.