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AusCycling E-Racing Series – starts 15 Sep – race with WMZ

AusCycling has announced the 2nd E-Racing series and WMZ is looking for any Waratah Masters Cyclist who wants to turn their legs over.

The Series is on Wednesday nights at 6.30pm – starting next week 15 Sep 2021. The series has several stages. Can WMZ win the series again. With your support – most certainly.

Please express your interest via the following Event link in WMZ for Round 1, and become a member of WMZ Facebook page so you can stay up to date with all the details.

WMZ will give you heaps of support if you are a new to the e-Racing scene including:

  • getting set up on ZwiftPower so your results are “official” in e-Racing
  • linking up with in-racing radio so you can talk tactics – call for a friendly wheel during the race etc etc – WMZ has 13 channels set up on Discord to cater for all the different events and teams in place
  • making the most of Zwift – training hard, having fun and celebrating success with people you know.

See you next Wed.

Paul King on behalf of WMCC and WMZ