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A reminder to those members whose ‘race’ or ‘ride’ licence expires at the end of the year.

From now on you need to purchase new licences through the AusCycling website:

There are a range of licences offered to suit various needs. Remember if you plan to race with us then you need a ‘Race All Disciplines’ licence. You’ll also notice that in addition to a cost reduction from last year, the one race licence also entitles you to also participate in road, track, cross country, BMX and other competitions.

As AusCycling is a new body, you don’t actually ‘renew’ your existing licence, instead you ‘join’ AusCycling and your new licence will be valid from the date you join. Don’t forget to select ‘Waratahs’ as your club.

So please make sure you have a current licence for 2021. If you plan to race next year you will only be allowed to do so if your licence is current.