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Cycling NSW has called for a special general meeting on 23 December 2020. The meeting will vote on a proposal that endorses an agreement reached between Cycling NSW and AusCycling. The details of this have recently been made available by the Cycling NSW board.

The AusCycling board has already vote in favour of accepting this agreement. For it to come into effect the Cycling NSW affiliated clubs need to pass the resolution with a 75% vote in favour.

The Waratah committee has been involved with this matter for some time and have discussed it at length. We are unanimously in favour of endorsing the proposal and intend to vote ‘yes’ at the special general meeting. Some of the key reasons why we support the proposal include:

  • We support the concept of one national body representing the three cycling codes, road and track, BMX and cross country, as opposed to having some 19 national and state bodies that have historically existed.
  • AusCycling is now solely responsible for the issuing of licences, the sanctioning of racing, all insurance matters for both the club and riders and the running of key state and national events.
  • As a stand alone organisation CNSW will not add any value to our club or its members. In addition, it will no longer have any identifiable revenue streams going forward so its longer term viability is at best uncertain. Furthermore, it appears that as a stand alone organisation CNSW will also have difficulty in obtaining appropriate insurance which will impact on club racing.
  • Having CNSW compete with AusCycling will fracture the sport in our state and create an undesirable level of animosity and bad blood.
  • The proposal has the strong endorsement of the boards of both Cycling NSW and AusCycling.

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact myself or any member of the committee.

Best wishes

Ian Jackson