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Just a reminder that the Southern Hemisphere Cup is on at Eastern Creek Raceway (SMSP) this Sunday 7 October. Racing starts at 7.00 am and registration opens at 5.45 am.

Late entries will be accepted on the day, so if you missed the cut off you can still race.

We had planned to run two female grades, however due to the very low number of female on-line entries we feel it’s fairer to grade all females in with divisions 1 – 5 and have prizes for the first female in each grade. It’s unfortunate but we’ll try to get higher numbers next time.

Significant cash prizes totalling over $5,000 will be available across all divisions together with prizes for prime winners and the first females. In addition all riders will go in the draw to win a set of bike roof racks compliments of TheRoofRack Store.

Hope you can join us for this major event.