Due to a very late notification the Dragway is unavailable for this Sunday's planned Enduro. However we've managed to secure the Raceway (SMSP) instead. All grade will therefore roll out at 7 am. Hope you can make it. It won't…

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Urgent call for a Duty Driver

The Club is still seeking a willing and gracious member, with a current driver's licence, to volunteer to take the van for the month of July.  Contact the Race Manager, Denis Sullivan (0417 265 200) if you are able to…

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Postcard From A Weekend Away

Postcard from a Weekend Away

When a colleague found out what I was up to this coming weekend, her comment was “you are going to freeze”.

Well, maybe if you only looked at the data such as predicted low temperature and high winds for the Tamworth region.  However, this is cycling, this is racing more precisely, you do not choose the conditions, you simply prepare for them, and I like to mention the Swiss approach whilst at it: “there is no such thing as bad weather, but there is bad equipment”.  And you surely needed to be ready with two days of 100 plus kms of racing in a row: a Handicap race in honour of a young rider tragically killed and a Scratch race.

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The latest on James Tan

This is the latest news from James' wife Monica.  Great news!  James has improved considerably.  He is quite lucid, very chatty and in relatively good humour and would like to go home.  Still no visitors until he's moved to a…

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