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What you need to know about the Track Championships 2022, 28th May

Which events will be available and how they will be run

Warm up Scratch

A scratch race is a track cycling race in which all riders start together and the objective is simply to be first over the finish line after a certain number of laps. Whistle on a rolling start and bell with one lap to go.

For ease of judging riders will pin their numbers on their left side

Individual Time Trial

The contestant with the fastest time for the distance wins. The individual time trial is distinctive in that its participants ride alone and widely separated from one another. Pursuit bars are allowed and bikes are usually measured at championship events. Timed over the whole distance from a standing start. The WMCC/LACC event will be run over 2 laps (500mtrs). One restart will be allowed for a mishap at the start.

Tempo Race

Usually run over 10km for men, and 7.5km for women, the tempo race features a sprint on every lap after (in our case) the first five laps, with the first rider across the line winning one point. Any rider that gains a lap on the main field is awarded 20 points, with any rider that loses a lap on the main field deducted 20 points. The rider at the end with the most points wins. 

Sprint Derby

The sprint or match sprint is a track cycling event involving between two and four riders, though it is usually run as a one-on-one match race between opponents over 3 laps (750 mtrs). The race is colloquially called a derby when there are more than 2 riders. Whistle from a standing start. Riders have to proceed at least at walking pace for the first half lap. A rider is not allowed to impede the forward movement of another, but they can force each other up and down the track (no contact).

When the sprint starts (as determined by the Commissaire) the first rider into the sprint lane, between the red and black lines, owns the lane. Neither rider can cross the red line unless they are clearly in front of or behind the other rider. Neither rider can gain advantage by dropping down onto the blue safety strip. This sprint lane rule is applied to all mass start events, that is, every race here except the ITT.


A wheel race is a handicapped event generally run over 6 laps. Maximum 24 riders on a 250 mtr track. Longest handicap is limit and the shortest is scratch. Whistle from a standing start. If there are not enough handlers then we will start all riders off the bottom fence. This race will not be included in the omnium points.