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Champ-Sys WMCC Store Open – 2 weeks – 6 Jan to 20 Jan 2022

Waratah Champ-Sys Store  

The Champ-Sys WMCC Store will be open for 2 weeks of each quarter to allow riders who have recently won Champ-Sys vouchers to purchase kit. Hence the store is now open until 20 Jan 2022.  Click the link above to access the Champ-Sys WMCC store.  

Note – the WMCC vouchers can be used for any Champ-Sys club store/kit.   Champ-Sys has a retail store if you would like to purchase non-club kit:

Champ Sys Retail Store  

Once the WMCC store is closed on 20 Jan – it will reopen in early April.  

Paul King on behalf of WMCC