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The fee for Sunday races will continue at $15.


It is also possible to pre pay for 6 months in advance. Waratah members pay $150 and non members pay $200.  Currently 15 riders have prepaid for the period July to December 2021 but have not been able to race at all yet. So we have decided that we will combine what’s left of this year with the 6 months Jan to Jun 2022 and the 6 monthly fee will cover the 9 months from now till 30 June 2022. Provided we have no cancellations this should mean 35 races in that period – 8 this year and 27 next year. This means that if you are a Waratah member and you come to every race you are paying $4.28 per race.

If riders want to take advantage of this saving you can pay your 150 or 200 either by EFT to Waratah bank account (see below ) or by payment at the rego desk on Sunday race days.

WMCC at St George Bank

BSB 112879  ACC NO 098120801

Chris McGuigan