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Age Undaunted

That was the motto that Alban McGuinness created for the Club and while we may not be the club with the oldest history, it’s a fair bet that we have some of  the oldest riders still turning a pedal in anger. Watch out for the Masters 11 category (thats eleven, not two) at the upcoming Club Championships at Lansdowne on September 10. If they all keep off the grog we should see up to 5 competitors in the 80 years or over category. Led by the evergreen Barry Robins, we have the legendary Max Beardwood, the amazing Alec Lazich, the timeless Ray Bush and the Italian stallion Luigi Lollato in the possible line up.

Make no mistake, while they may take a bit longer to get around the Lansdowne circuit than some of us they will be racing. May they keep going strong into their nineties.