• Aug 31   2015

    Ashfield / Specialized Cup, Sunday 13 Sept. Entries Closing.

    The Ashfield Cycles / Specialized Cup will be held Sunday 13 September at Eastern Creek Raceway (SMSP). The event is a graded scratch race accross 5 grades. Prizes will exceed $6,000 in value, including cash and prizes valued at $1,000 for the winner of A grade. All grades rollout at one minute intervals starting at 7.00am. Entries are closing soon and should be made on line through Cycling NSW

Waratah Masters racing results

from 30.08.2015 – Graded Scratch Race at SMSP North Circuit, Eastern Creek
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Waratah tempo  Edition : 440 (28.8.2015)
  • Ernie's Excursions

     Friday and 226 km by accident up for the week.  On Wednesday morning I was laying in bed awake and thought that it must be about time to get up, and without putting my glasses on looked at the clock and thought that it was 4.45 am, so I got dressed and proceeded to ride and was thinking to myself that the road was unusually quiet and when I got to Rhodes I looked at my watch and only then did I realise that I must have set off at 3.45 am. I was too far away from home so just kept going and finished up covering 51 km and by the time I got home I was cactus (hence the photo) after having been off the bike for 3 months with a virus I was only slowly building up the km. But having exerted myself, the next day I rode my steel fixie and did 50 km no sweat.
    So it just goes to show when we push ourselves to our limit we can improve. Incidentally there is a story about the cactus. One of my daughters bought it as a going away present to herself after her first divorce, she is about to get married for the third time (I am thinking of starting a cactus farm).
    I was lent an interesting book by Steve Isaksen about the history of bikes from the early days to the present and it surprised me that when I looked at some of the pictures I realised that I recognised some of the parts that were fitted on my first fully all steel 15 kilo racing bike built in 1950. This is probably why I still like riding a steel bike as in the old days the Pros used to say train heavy and race light.  I still believe this is true   more ...

  • Happy Jack's Life-coaching Corner

     Value – not to be confused with money.
    “Money doesn’t motivate me in the least. It’s an integral part of our life sure, but the day it defines you - you lose your other values.” (Day 13 – August 14)
    Maxim Hatton is a Queensland doctor. Right now, he is just a lonely human being on a Giant doing a solo ride across USA. Whilst most of us ride for fun, Maxim is doing this to try to discover what the word ’value’ in life is all about…
    I joked to Ian Jackson last week that while other cycling clubs have their club houses, the Waratahs just have an old van. But we organise the best masters racing in Sydney. Currently, to get our van to our races, we have a dentist having to get up early every S   more ...

  • Rider of the Week: Anthony McDonald

    This last week saw the running of the British Transplant Games Sports Championships in Newcastle in England's North East. Waratah Anthony McDonald not only competed but medalled in two events:

    “It was a privilege for me to compete for Australia in the two cycling events: Road Race (crit actually) and Time trial. Both these events were fast-paced, short distances with plenty of competition from the Poms with entrants also from Wales, Ireland, Scotland and America. 63 competed in the men's events and I was fortunate to take two medals, Gold in the road Race and Silver in the Time Trial.
    Although the competition was fierce the overriding theme of the Games was to bring awareness to the subject of organ donation. All the athletes competing were recipients of an organ transplant such as kidney, heart, lung, liver, pancreas or bone marrow. 
    I would urge everyone to think about donating your organs after you depart this wonderful life as they are no good to you anymore and the organs from one person can save the lives of many people.   more ...

  • Mental Health Day: The Ride of Life

    We don’t often advertise cycling gear or apparel in tempo but occasionally something comes along which is worth drawing attention to.
    Damian Hancock is a passionate cyclist and designer of upmarket riding gear—in fact all things Italian—which resulted in the creation of the a’qto (Italian acuto) brand. What sets Damian apart is not just his cool gear but his deep sensitivity and celebration of the cycling lifestyle. For example, where conventional wisdom advises: “If you’re depressed go for a walk” Damian espouses going for a ride--the Ride of Life--to enjoy a mental health day:

    ‘The cool air was being sucked in through my mouth and nose, and I could feel it rushing into my lungs, causing my chest to rise. The expelled breath was warm as it blasted out, and my chest flattened before this life sustaining cycle started again. As I rise rhythmically out of the seat, I concentrate on the increase in pace of this rise and fall, and the feeling in my legs as my quads power my pedal strokes. I am riding through rolling countryside on what is a work day; I’m on a sickie. Not in the normal sense of a bludge day or a day in bed, but what could be termed, an ‘MHD’ – a mental health day   more ...

  • A Cautionary Tale

    If you ask Masters cyclists why they train hard and race at an age when most sane people look upon cutting toenails as the limit of their physical ability, they will list maintaining fitness into their old age as one of the main reasons for subjecting their aging bodies to continual abuse.
    It's a cornerstone--make that a touchstone--of what we do that hard riding brings the added benefits of a long, healthy life, right? Well no, according to a gathering body of evidence that endurance cycling may well carry the seeds of our own destruction if we overdo it, either by riding too much when we're young and/or for too many years when in our dotage. The very exercise which protects our cardiovascular system may end up damaging our hearts if done to excess or carried on for too many years.
    Most old roadies reading this probably have a heart problem of some sort, ranging from the odd ectopic beat to needing a pacemaker to keep going, which may well be due to the long term effects of endurance cycling. Not convinced?Then read this excellent article with case studies by Chris Case in the August 2015 issue of Velo magazine.





      more ...

We take racing seriously, but we also enjoy our cycling and involve our club members regardless of their level and abilities.

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