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from 21.12.2014 – Graded Scratch Race at SMSP Full GP Circuit, Eastern Creek
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Waratah tempo  Edition : 428 (12 December 2014)
  • Club Champion

    In deciding the 2014 Club Champion we actually had a difficult time making a decision as there were a number of Waratahs who distinguished themselves at State and National level this year.

    - Geraldine Blomfield-Brown had a very successful year racing at Elite level in numerous women's events. She also won gold and bronze at the State road titles.

    - Hugh Gray had a great year on the track winning 4 National Track golds as well as a gold, silver and bronze at the State Track titles.

    - Harry Rourke came out of nowhere and won 2 golds at the State road titles plus a bronze at the Nationals.

    All of these people would have been worthy winners. However this year the winner of the 2014 Club Champions trophy is a guy who rode at State and National level in all disciplines - road, track and time trial events. In all these events he won medals and came away with a very impressive total medal count--we're talking about Paul McKay.
    During the year Paul won gold at the State track titles, he won gold and bronze at the National track titles, he won silver in the State team Time-Trials, he won silver and bronze at the State road titles and bronze at the National road titles.
    So for a great year across all cycling disciplines at State and National levels Paul is Waratah Club Champion for 2014.

    Ian Jackson President

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  • Clubman of the Year

    Like all amateur clubs Waratah is totally dependent on a small band of dedicated volunteers to function.
    The most dedicated primus inter pares is George Matz, the custodian of the glittering prizes for which we all compete. Every week, without fail, George ensures that the prize vouchers are available for awarding to the placegetters, then he spends the rest of the week replenishing them from the various sponsors and meticulously keeping track of what was awarded to whom and when....and when we say meticulously we're talking absolute control of the minutiae of the Waratah prize Universe. If ever you need to know who got their just desserts and when, George is your man.
    For such selfless devotion to the Club George is the worthy recipient of the Clubman of the Year award--and the only award he didn't arrange!








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  • Pointscore Champion

    The Pointscore Championship rewards consistency as well as ability. If you turn up to race every Sunday you're well on the way to doing well in the season long competition. If you add to this a few places then you can find yourself at the top of the Pointscore like Rob McNamara from the Bankstown Club.
    We're particularly happy to see Rob win it as he has had his fair share of bad luck this year, including ill-health. Chapeau!










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  • tempo Cup

    It was the tenth anniversary of the tempo Cup on Sunday, celebrating the spirit of Friendship in Cycling. In accordance with tradition the Cup was awarded by popular acclaim to the 'Friendliest Waratah of the Year' who this year is Alec Lazich.
    Alec is one of our long-standing members, known and loved for his gregarious personality and appalling jokes! We thank him for his camaraderie and wish him a long, healthy and entertaining future.











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  • Peleton Pete

    The double life of a suburban crit racer
    (The following is a true story, however names have been changed to avoid embarrassment – and possible divorce proceedings – for the main character).
    I’ve been riding with ‘Dave’ for the best part of five years now. He’s a lovely guy, a regular at my mid-week training sessions and coffee rides, and also a devoted crit racer who’s out there virtually every weekend smashing it up at circuits all over Sydney. I’ve raced alongside him well over one hundred times, and feel like I know him very well. So it was with tremendous surprise during our pre-race warm up last Sunday morning that he revealed his wife of over 20 years has absolutely no idea he races on the bike. Ever.
     “She’s probably fast asleep right now, snoring away,” he adds sheepishly as we spin along at 7:23am.   more ...

  • Ernie's Excursions

    Friday and 195 km up for a wet and windy week. Last weekend was a very busy time for me as Friday night the long-suffering Anne and I attended the Waratah Xmas party and as usual it was an excellent night and I love to see the ladies in all their finery. They add a bit of class to the night and ensure that the topic of conversation gets off bikes for a short while. The word must have got around as there were a lot of riders from other cycling clubs in attendance, and take it from me the food is first class and so is the company, this is truly one Xmas Party not to be missed.
    Saturday and Sunday I was at DGV photographing the NSW Track Championships and I witnessed some great riding, but one rider in particular stood out. He is a Para rider from Wagga Wagga, have a good look at his photo and when you think you are having a bad day and not up to scratch and feel like quitting, well, picture this rider in your mind’s eye and just harden up and get on with it.
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  • Happy Jack's Life-coaching Corner

    The right of first refusal
    It was a typical Saturday afternoon as we approached Christmas. The dark clouds started to roll in and soon the Sydney sky was lit up by thunderbolts of lightning. As we settled in with the passing storm, my phones started to ring….
    Life was a lot simpler before we all got tethered to instant mobile communications. I do a lot of driving during my working days and I see constant signs that the attachment to the mobile phone is far greater than the threat of 3 to 4 demerit points and a $304 to $405 traffic violation fine….
    There is a little known rule in life that goes like this:.” If you don't exercise your right of first refusal, you will run out of options…” <   more ...

We take racing seriously, but we also enjoy our cycling and involve our club members regardless of their level and abilities.

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