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from 21.09.2014 – Graded Scratch Race at SMSP Full GP Circuit, Eastern Creek
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Waratah tempo  Edition : 422 (19 September 2014)
  • Ernie's Excursions

    Friday and 221 km up for the week. Saturday’s ride started out not too bad, the temperature was 10 degrees and there were intermittent light showers so I went via Rhodes and across the rail bridge and along the cycle path heading to Parramatta. I had my head down and was in a world of my own and when rounding a bend I was rudely awakened by a very large tree branch that had been blown down and was blocking my path.  I just managed to swerve onto the grass at the last minute and I was now wide awake and continued on to Parramatta Park.

    There is a new cycle path extension (not open yet) going under the James Ruse Drive to stop having to go up the short sharp hill to Thomas St.  On arriving at the Park I did a few laps and then stopped for light refreshments (this is the highlight of my ride) when a very large group of LACC riders with a few Waratahs tucked in behind went past shouting out “Hi and where is your camera”.  I then headed home via   more ...

  • Granny's Eggsuckers

    Uphill Battle
    The Poacher is essentially a social climber and when the road starts to tilt upwards it’s goodbye to all the skinny lads and time to get into an appropriate tempo. Some of us like to stay firmly planted in the saddle, engage the granny and spin away until the summit slides into view. Others grapple with the bike and spend half the time out of the saddle hoping to extract a bit of extra wattage by moving the bike from side to side and lurching over the handlebars. As far as the Poacher is concerned both approaches are fine, it’s all a matter of what you are comfortable with.
    If like the Poacher (and the late Marco Pantani ) you frequently get out of the saddle there are two tips to make your effort as efficient as possible. Firstly flick into a higher gear (just one notch) when you rise up and you will notice some increase in pace as your whole body weight produces a few more watts in every  pedal stroke.   more ...

  • Fitness

    The Italians among us, of whom there are many, are well aware of the benefits of a well squeezed virgin--olive oil that is. They know that a high consumption of it, particularly in food, has been linked to many health benefits including low levels of heart disease and the prevention of cancer. Up until now there has been no clearly identified mechanism for these effects, that is until researchers at the Monell Chemical Senses Center in Philadelphia reported that olive oil contains a strong anti-inflammatory compound called oleocanthal which has exactly the same effect as ibuprofen. This natural anti-inflammatory compound acts as a painkiller by inhibiting the COX enzymes and prevents blood platelets from clumping together thus preventing strokes. It has also been shown to reduce levels of an Alzheimer's disease-related protein in mice.
    So now we know why Italian bike riders are well-oiled, impervious to pain, have hearts like lions, brains like mice, and are always in hot pursuit of virgins!

      more ...

  • Kaffee Klatsch

    “G’day mate. The usual thanks Nick. Mate you haven’t seen Blister around anywhere have you?”
    “Not that I’m aware of. Why?”
    “Well, you know how he’s always on one of these do-it-yourself kicks? Always taking his bike to bits and putting it together, usually the wrong way round. Then he takes it to the LBS in a box to get them to fix it. Reckons he saves money!”
    “Well, yes he’s certainly trying to educate himself in the arcane art of bicycle repair, but what’s that got to do with his disappearance?”
    “Well, you won’t believe it but he turned up this morning with his cranks nearly at right-angles and complaining that he couldn’t get any speed.”
    “That’s original. So what happened?”
    “We left the idiot to sort it out. Cleat stayed with him--he’s that sort of bloke.”
    “You mean helpful and considerate?”
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  • Immortal Humour

    Three members of a golf club were arguing loudly while the fourth member of their group lay dead in a bunker. A club official was called to calm the row. "What's the trouble here?" he asked.
    "My partner has had a stroke, and these two bastards want to add it to my score."

      more ...

  • Happy Jack's Life-coaching Corner

    How much do you love a fight?
    Pick a fight and expect to be bruised. I can remember my most recent fight with the gates of Rookwood Cemetery… and like most fights that I pick, I came out badly bruised and obviously lost the match.
    I did not really intend to choose a fight with a gate – it just happened. Although you may think that fighting is a deliberate choice, it is seldom the case.
    Human beings and fighting go hand in hand. For some reason, we all love to have a ‘blue’ – even though we know that there is a good chance that physical and emotional pain would follow.  Even death does not deter us from having a decent fight and that is why wars will never end. As long as we are humans, we will try to pick up a fight with someone else. Sometimes, we even fight with ourselves – but because this does not involve an audience it is hidden beneath the surface… waiting to be uncovered by ‘shrinks&r   more ...

  • Granny's Eggsuckers

    Maggies back in town
    What a pleasure to ride in this spring weather especially after the drownings we have all had to contend with over the past few weeks. Trouble is that spring and our little black and white feathered friends go hand in hand, or more realistically beak to cheek. Magpies are incredible birds and, of course, they are a protected species; regrettably we are not protected from them. They have the ability to aim at your head through the air vents in your helmet and your ears are easy pickings. We all know that first frightful feeling when a tiny shadow appears behind you accompanied by much flapping and finally a painful nip on the neck or the ear. But look at it from their point of view, a bunch of brightly coloured mamils ride very close to the nest you have been re-establishing for months so you can nurture your babies. How do we co-habitate with these little creatures? well just about every gimmick has been tried including false eyes   more ...

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