• Nov 12   2014

    Waratahs to host a womens 'come and try' race

    The Waratahs will host  women's only 'come and try' race at Lansdowne on Sunday 30 November at 10.30am. This is one of a series of races promoted by CNSW to encourage women who are new to racing to come and experience the fun of club races. There will be two grades racing, in a friendly manner, for 20 minutes plus two laps. Full details can be found on the attached pamphlet. If you know of any women who are interested in trying out racing in a fun and welcoming environment then please encourage them to come along.

    Womens 'come and try' races

  • Nov 09   2014

    Waratah Christmas Dinner - 5 December

    The Club Christmas Presentation Dinner will be on Friday 5th December, 7.00pm at the Ryde-Eastwood Leagues Club. In addition to award presentations for all Club events there will be entertainment and lucky door prizes, At $25 per head the event is heavily subsidised by the Club and tickets can be purchased from Paul Regattieri on any Sunday. The evening is also open to partners and members of other clubs who have raced with us during the year. Numbers are limited, so please see Paul or send him an email ASAP at, paulregattieri@wentworthchambers.com.au, to book your seat or table.

Waratah Masters racing results

from 23.11.2014 – Criterium Race at Heffron Park
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Waratah tempo  Edition : 426 (14 November 2014)
  • tempo Cup

    We're nearing the end of the racing season and time to celebrate the real reason for riding--camaraderie--with the running of the tempo Cup on Sunday 7 December at the Sydney Motorsport Park, Eastern Creek.
    As usual it will be a fun day with the emphasis on enjoyment. There will be the famous Friendship Lap; the Club Song (learn the words); copious amounts of performance-enhancing liquid to toast Friendship in Cycling; and the awarding of the tempo Cup to the friendliest Waratah member in 2014

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  • Ernie's Excursions

    Friday and only 225 km up for the week as I had a heavy weekend with covering the Clarence St Cup and Waratahs on Sunday.  By Monday morning I was clapped out and sleep deprived. I must say that the lone Waratah rider in the Cup was Stephen Joyce and he did the Club proud. Stephen rode like a man possessed in the heat and thereby making it into the final. In the final he made a valiant effort but you can’t give away 30 plus years and also the fact that Stephen has had some major health issues and has come through with flying colours. Stephen is a great example to other Waratah riders to never give up to a challenge.  It is a shame more Waratah riders don’t ride the track.  Honestly you don’t know what you are missing; have a look on my website to see the night’s action, and if you don’t believe me just talk to Stephen.
    I have told you that Waratah has some great ladies in the club.  Well last Sunday at Lansdowne Lorraine Werry   more ...

  • Multi-skilling

    Your Committee has been made aware of a number of recent racing misdemeanors and transgressions which indicate not only an ignorance of the rules of bunch conduct but also a fundamental lack of the basic skills required to stay upright and safe in a race.
    Consequently we have decided to supplement our standard graphical advice with a basic skills programme. Please follow this closely and then implement the simple routines shown in the video. Before you know it you will have acquired sufficient basic skills to complete at least one lap of Lansdowne unharmed.
    If you find that in spite of mastering all of the techniques you are still coming to grief then you are probably riding in E grade and we would suggest a rapid transfer out of there.

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  • Why we need Insurance

    The Law's an ass as we know, which was born out by a recent nonsensical decision involving a Canberra cyclist . While the outcome of the case is the complete opposite of commonsense and the expectations of all of us who ride regularly, it is important to remember that Cycling Australia's public liability policy will cover you in case of an at fault accident, whether you are racing, training, commuting or just riding for fun, so make sure you are insured and check out your riding companions as well!

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  • Granny's Eggsuckers

    Does Flashing Make Sense?
    There have been some great advancements in bicycle light technology over the years and it is pleasing to see many riders making themselves much more visible on the open road. Even in broad daylight the Poacher always thought that a good flashing rear light stands a much better chance of being seen by a motorist before any physical contact is made. Well this may be the conventional wisdom but recent studies have shown (don’t you love that saying) that, whilst a steadily flashing light is more visible, a constant beam is better for a motorist to judge their distance to you as long as it’s bright enough. Of course you will chew up more batteries but that’s a small price to pay.  So maybe the best solution would be to have two rear lights operating when the sun goes down, one flashing and one on constant beam but no, the experts say that one could take away the effectiveness of the other. Also rear lights that emit   more ...

  • Happy Jack's Life-coaching Corner

    Making the most of damaged goods.
    When I was a young lad working in the fruit markets, one of my jobs was to stop the old lady ‘tyre kickers’ from handling the fruit that we had on display. Avocadoes were the worst – since the only way to know how soft and ripe they were …was to give it a hard squeeze. After the squeeze test, the fruit get bruised. And no one wanted those damaged fruits.
    My grandson Josh is two years old. His cheek bone is just about table height. During a recent ‘night out’ at the local restaurant, he was getting restless towards the end of the meal. Being a quick eater, I had finished and so I offered to take him outside to watch the trains. Keen as mustard, he jumped off his mother’s lap and started running towards the door.
    The whole restaurant must-have heard it – because everyone was looking. Josh had just run straight into the corner of a dinner table   more ...

We take racing seriously, but we also enjoy our cycling and involve our club members regardless of their level and abilities.

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This is the Waratah Masters Cycling Club, the only cycling club in Sydney catering exclusively for Masters cycling. We hold regular Sunday morning races for men and women over the age of 30 in a spirit of friendly competition.

We race in five grades to suit ability not age and cater for all abilities from the beginner to the world champion.

Sunday races are held on closed racing circuits at Eastern Creek Raceway, Eastern Creek Dragway, Sydney Olympic Park Homebush and Lansdowne Park. This choice of circuits allows us to run a variety of races to suit all cycling abilities.

Waratah Masters provides safe and enjoyable racing for all grades of Masters riders. More on the Waratah Masters Cycling Club >

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