• Jun 29   2015

    Prepaids July to December 2015

    Pre-paid entries are now open for the second half of 2015. The details remain the same as last year. As a Waratah member you can pre-pay your race entry fee up until end of Dec 2015 for $125. That means after only 8 races you effectively ride free. Just bring your money to your next race meeting and you will be placed on the pre-paid list. Pre-payments exclude entry in the one 'open' event in the half. Non Waratahs are also welcome to pre-pay at a cost of $200. You can now also direct debit your payment as follows: Account - Waratah Masters CC; BSB - 112879; Account - 098120801. Remember to include your FULL NAME.

  • Jun 10   2015

    2015 NSW Clubs Team Time Trial

    This years event is being held once again down at Nowra on the South Coast. on Saturday July 18. Masters categories are, All age, 150 yrs+ and 180 years +. If you are interested in being part of a Waratah team please call or text Brett McMurtrie on 0402 101110. Full event details are on the CNSW website.

Waratah Masters racing results

from 28.06.2015 – Criterium Race at Lansdowne Park
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Waratah tempo  Edition : 436 (24 May 2015)
  • Ernie's Excursions

    Friday and still no riding in four weeks--too crook.  Well there is always somebody worse off than yourself. Mike Shelley, for example. I heard that he had a fall so I checked up him and this is what he said:

    ‘Yes, I just spent a week in St. Vincent’s. Came out Tues. 16/06. The accident happened in Fitzgerald Ave, Maroubra.  I came out of Heffron Park and was going to ride past Maroubra Beach to home. I remember stopping at the lights at Anzac Parade and then riding a few hundred metres toward the beach. Next thing I remember was watching an accident drama from the back of an ambulance. The 'ambos' seemed to be ignoring me as apparently I had been unconscious to this point.
    Not sure why I hit the ground.  I had ridden this section of road two days earlier and it has blobs of bitumen and different level concrete slabs where cars park. Bad, but have been on worse in the East. Looking at my injures, helmet and clothing it seems that I landed on my head, right front and rolled onto my right side and back. List of injuries include fractured right skull from top of head down to cheek bone. Dislodged bone in eye socket and double vision. Slight brain bleed front right lobe. Right ear has bad tinnitus. Three rear right side ribs fractured, Cuts and grazes hip knees, arms.
    Fortunately I have been healing well and no repair operations were necessary. Still feel a bit groggy when moving around. I am told they will improve with time. The bike only suffered a tear to handlebar tape,   more ...

  • Just Like the Real Thing

    It was cold this morning and I had been out celebrating the night before so I thought 'Bugger it! I won't race' and went back to bed.
    Two hours later, driven by feelings of guilt, I climbed on the indoor trainer. What workout shall I do? 'Mornington coffee boulevarde? Alpe d'Huez with Pantani?' Neither appealed, then I had a brain wave, which would not only give me a good workout but would banish the guilt at the same time: simulate the race! After all I had ridden the course hundreds of times and knew every inch of its parcours and hated climbs.
    To make the simulation as real as possible, I put on my race gear, pinned on my race number and donned my favourite funny hat, then warmed up, simulating as I did so chatting to the boys "How's your back? Did you watch the game?".
    Then came the start and with the drone of the race officials still in my ears I simulated a smooth roll-out on the front of the bunch with a powerful acceleration into the first corner and up the hill. Out of the saddle I simulated sprinting up the steep incline, cursing at the greyhounds who flashed past and admiring the buxom young ladies who overtook at a slower pace.
    Then it was downhill--my territory--so I simulated a dashing high tempo which soon caught the bunch and swept me to the lead (here the simulation diverged from reality as that never happened but hey, whose simulation is this?). Over the next sprinters' hill and I simulated a glorious sprint to the finish, with me overtaking everyone on the line.
    One lap completed, only nine to go!
    Two laps later I simulated being dropped by the bunch, simulated watching them disappear into the distance and simulated riding home in disgrace hoping the race officials wouldn't notice my dnf--which they always do. This last part was an almost perfect correlation with the real world as I'm very familiar with the details.
    I climbed off the trainer, satisfied that my simulation had been as good as the real thing and I swore I could even smell Dave's coffee--which was my only regret in not going.
    It  worked for me!
    Dr Keith   more ...

  • Ciclista della Settimana

    President Ian 'Jacko' Jackson is currently cycling through Italy with the odd family member (very odd) and sundry Waratahs.
    You have to feel sorry for them, rolling through the warm Cambrian countryside in the wake of the Giro, struggling up legendary bergs, lingering over long lunches and even longer dinners stuffed to the gills with the local Italian food, wine and wenches (that could have been phrased better), while we suffer through the coldest Winter in Waratahs' living memory (not long admittedly).
    Follow his progress on facebook and try not to envy them too much.

      more ...

  • Peripatetic Parish Priest

    There are only two things which can dent Ernie Smith's unfailing good humour: not being able to ride his bike to get out and spread his inimitable charm round his parish and not being able to use the internet to do likewise in virtual space.
    An unkind God, Who (or is it Which?) clearly drives a ute in Heaven and wears His celestial baseball cap at right-angles, cherishes a hatred of cyclists and delights in petty triumphs over mere mortals, has decreed that Ernie be struck down by 'flu and to add insult to injury has summoned Telstra from the infernal regions to dig up the road outside Ernie's house and cut off his connection to cyberspace.
    But have no fear! Ernie is made of sterner stuff. He snaps his fingers ["Snap!"]--hear that?--at such celestial pettiness and has vowed to be back on his bike and among you all again in short order, spreading his words of wisdom and cajolling cakes off all the maternal sheilas who take pity on him.
    Keep it up Ernie!

      more ...

We take racing seriously, but we also enjoy our cycling and involve our club members regardless of their level and abilities.

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