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from 27.07.2014 – Criterium Race at Heffron Park
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Waratah tempo  Edition : 417 (1 August 2014)
  • Peleton Pete

    Halley’s Comet and winning races
    So I won a race on the weekend.
    An occurrence not dissimilar to Halley’s Comet, it doesn’t happen very often, so perhaps not surprisingly I’ve taken a bit of time to reflect on what exactly happened. And how.
    Funnily enough I felt decidedly ordinary before the race. I had no co-conspirators from my club to help out. I hadn’t exactly been training the house down either. In fact, I was even on my heavy wheels with 25mm all-weather tyres that I’d been too lazy to take off the day before. Yet even without slick rubber, deep carbon rims or any team-mates I still managed to win a bunch sprint by 2-3 bike lengths against riders who typically beat me. How?
    Hopefully I won’t have to wait 76 years for my next win.
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  • Granny's Eggsuckers

    Here’s are question for you, how often do you replace your bidon and do you sterilise it after every ride?. My guess is that the majority of Waratah’s do just what the Poacher does and gives it a wash every week or so leaving all those little germs to curdle away, especially those hard to get at areas that you suck on. Then there are those bike gloves that are essential for keeping your hands warm and safe from road rash but are also the repository of multiple nose wipes on cold and frosty mornings. Usually they also get left in the bike shed to accumulate bacteria so whatever virus you pick up you will continue to recirculate all winter.
    So this week’s short but important message is twofold:
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  • Happy Jack's Life-coaching Corner

    Are you at it again?
    Every Sunday I attend a club race (except for last Sunday which was an anomaly because I did a ‘Sunday Coluzzi’ in the Eastern Suburbs in lieu of racing at Heffron Park).
    Every day, I go to sleep in the same bed, wake up the next day, do my hygiene and fitness stuff, do some work, eat a few times, mostly talk to the same people, and travel the same roads  Then I hit the same bed and repeat all over again.
    The most amazing thing is that after 57 years of repetition, I have not got bored yet.
    If you ride a bike, you keep going round and round in circles. Every pedal stroke is the same as the one before.    more ...

  • Ernie's Excursions

    Friday and only 175 km up for the week as my ribs are still a little tender. Daughter number three Deborah has been exploring the back country roads of Wodonga etc and in her travels she came across a badly injured roo and the joey was very stressed. Deborah being a caring animal person comforted the joey and then looked up the web to find an injured animal care centre and they came out because she couldn’t carry them on her road bike.
    It is strange about the feelings we have for ‘roos, one daughter is saving them and daughter number two Karen and her husband Julian have been touring solo around Australia on their motor bike and one of their greatest concerns, of course, is ‘roos crossing their path and causing an accident. Julian these days is a nice conservative rider especially with the hand brake (Karen) sitting on pillion.   more ...

We take racing seriously, but we also enjoy our cycling and involve our club members regardless of their level and abilities.

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Lansdowne Park
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