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from 26.10.2014 – Criterium Race at Heffron Park
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Waratah tempo  Edition : 425 (31 October 2014)
  • Granny's Eggsuckers

    Last week the Poacher got a bit sentimental about the passing of the long barrelled bike pump. A few Waratahs have kept the faith and are usually first to the rescue when a fellow rider gets deflated but sadly they are a diminishing breed. The Poacher blames modern frame manufacturers who design frames with curvy top tubes and no longer include those wonderful brazed on pump holders probably because they weigh 0.02 of a gram and you then can’t find room your Di2 battery gizmo (weighing 300grams!).
    What we have these days are a range of mini pumps that are about as efficient as a broken spoke and of course the Co2 cartridge thingy’s designed to freeze your fingers and blow an even bigger hole in your innertube. Then of course you have a tube full of carbon dioxide which leaks at about twice the rate as old-fashioned air.   more ...

  • Happy Jack's Life-coaching Corner

    Are you constipated or passing it through?
    As we go through life, we either get stuck or we are in flow. Athletes especially crave the feeling of being in the ZONE – where things seem effortless. As a businessman, I now see that ‘cash flow’ is a better indicator of the health of a business than its ‘value’. Rivers flow. We try to harvest the energy of the river by building dams to block its flow. But this process takes an enormous amount of resources to do and it kills a lot of land. And every single dam that has been built still passes water downstream. The river just keeps flowing.
    Recently, Sydney has been hit by storms and I have been called to investigate leaks caused by overflowing gutters. Many homeowners think that having bigger gutters to hold the water is the answer. I have to remind them that the true solution is to let the water go – by having more downpipes   more ...

  • Ernie's Excursions

    Friday and 308 km up for the week and this makes me happy as the doctor has cut my pills down to only 12 a day and I can definitely feel the improvement. Wednesday morning after my coffee boost I felt too good to go home so like the Energiser bunny I just kept going and the  temperature was just right. The sun was out and I was in a euphoric state and I haven’t felt this good for quite some time. Speaking of improving, the other morning at George’s Quad café some of the riders were giving me some stick about my old shoes and asking me how long I have had them. It has been so long that I can’t remember, but I thought to myself Fashion does not a true bike rider make as there are riders training at SOP that have the latest and lightest bikes and couldn’t ride out of sight on a dark night and the first sight of a few drops of rain on the road they scurry home.

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We take racing seriously, but we also enjoy our cycling and involve our club members regardless of their level and abilities.

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Nov 02   2014 Sunday 7.45am C/F-9am A/B Start
Lansdowne Park
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