• Aug 02   2015

    Waratah Clothing Order Period Closing Friday

    The order portal for Waratah clothing will close on Friday 7 August. All orders are placed through Champion Systems web site. An email has been sent to all members with directions on how to order. So if you need some new kit please place your order before Friday.

  • Jul 31   2015

    Enduro at the Dragway this Sunday

    This Sunday we will be holding an ‘Enduro’ event on the full Dragway course. Race times will be up to twice the normal length. Final times will be set on the day subject to weather and numbers. Racing for all grades starts at 8am. So if you’d like to warm up and get rid of some of those winter chills come and join us for this event.

  • Jul 26   2015



    Results for Sunday 26 July at Eastern Creek

  • Jul 16   2015

    Graham Jones Appointed Chief Commissaire

    We are pleased to announce that Graham Jones has agreed to accept the position of Chief Commissaire of the Club. In this role Graham will assume responsibility for coordination and communication with all Club commissaires and duty officers. This will ensure that all safety and race management matters are communicated in a timely, consistent and appropriate manner. It will also provide a feed back loop to the committee. Consistent and safe race management practices are key to our Clubs success and this appointment will further strengthen our position.

  • Jun 29   2015

    Prepaids July to December 2015

    Pre-paid entries are now open for the second half of 2015. The details remain the same as last year. As a Waratah member you can pre-pay your race entry fee up until end of Dec 2015 for $125. That means after only 8 races you effectively ride free. Just bring your money to your next race meeting and you will be placed on the pre-paid list. Pre-payments exclude entry in the one 'open' event in the half. Non Waratahs are also welcome to pre-pay at a cost of $200. You can now also direct debit your payment as follows: Account - Waratah Masters CC; BSB - 112879; Account - 098120801. Remember to include your FULL NAME.

Waratah Masters racing results

from 02.08.2015 – Enduro Graded Scratch Race at Dragway Full Course
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Waratah tempo  Edition : 438 (24.7.2015)
  • Rower of the Week: Rob Drury

    Waratah Rob Drury is a talented sportsman who has excelled at the elite level in many sports. We know him as an aggressive cyclist but read his tempo biography and be amazed at the extent of  his talent.
    Currently he's just back from winning medals at Henley, the home of rowing:

    “I row stroke in an eight man racing shell with the Mosman Rowing Club at the Spit on Middle Harbour, one of Australia’s prominent rowing clubs. After winning the State and National Championships in the G8+ at the Sydney International Regatta Centre SIRC Penrith in May, we decided to go to Henley-on-Thames in England to compete in their annual Masters Championships to try our luck there. This is a keynote regatta for rowers in Europe, attracting the best. Henley is a unique regatta in that there are only two boats in every race because the course is very narrow. It’s a knockout style competition and like Wimbledon, if you lose each race you don’t proceed to the next.
    Our eight man crew rowed in the 8 race but also split into two 4’s an F4+ and a G4+  (like cycling, in rowing there are age divisions F is 60-64, G is 65-69, crew age is on averages), with the following results:

    Race 115, G8, a Q final we won that
    Race 146, F4+, lost
    Race 167, G4+ SF we won that and advanced to the Final
    Race 217, G8 we won that and proceeded to the final
    Race 256, G4+ final——victory!!
    Race 285, G8 final——victory!

    Not bad for a bunch of old blokes”
    Rob Drury

      more ...

  • Recoverer of the Week: Geoffrey Wong

    Here's Wongy with his beloved Friday toasted cheese sandwiches...which he can no longer eat, of course. Good to see him swing by SOP for a chat this morning. Seemed in good spirits recovering from his stent implant--then again why wouldn't he considering the bullet he dodged! 
    Pete Maniaty

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  • Ernie's excursions

    Friday and my health has finally turned the corner. I found that walking definitely got me going again. I reckon that it burns up more calories than the bike, but having had a few rides later in the morning sunshine it is far more rewarding, as there is no better feeling in all this world than rolling along free as a bird on your bike.  One day on my ride I bumped into Max, Luigi, John and Greg and we were standing in the lovely sunshine chatting away for 10 minutes so I then rode along with them for a couple of km until they dropped me, then further along the track I saw Paul M from Parramatta club and stopped once again and had a chat.
    These days I find that the social side of riding is very rewarding.  It might have something to do with the fact that I have not been to George’s Quad café for six weeks to catch up on the latest gossip, but now that my health is on the mend I can’t wait to get back and chew the fat with the guys and (especially the girls). I have been watching Le Tour and can’t help being impressed by the courage and strength of the riders. Just imagine coming around a bend at 80 kph to see cows strolling across the road.  Those of us who have had accidents at speed know it is a horrible feeling knowing that you have no hope of missing the obstacle in front of you.  Luckily at the moment of impact our brain blocks it out, at least that is what happened to me when I went through a vehicle windscreen.    more ...

  • Happy Jack's Life-coaching Corner

    It does not matter what you do – you will get someone offside.
    I had just dropped Shirley off at the waiting bay outside Strathfield train station. With indicators blinking, I had a quick look at my rear vision mirror… and there was just one car on the traffic lane just driving past – so I let it go and slowly pulled out after it. Two angry blasts of the horn jolted my eyes back to my wing mirror. A huge Mercedes had just popped up on my rear right. I had no idea how it got there so quickly… but I got the message that he was a bit annoyed by my bad driving. Cyclists braving the roads get similar treatment by many car drivers. A person on a bike (innocently minding their own business) is seen as a hindrance rather than a legitimate road user.
    We went down to Canberra over the weekend for a bit of family time. My two grandsons had a great time catching up with their uncles and we spent Sunday at the Questacon.   more ...

  • Rider of the Week: Ian Jackson

    Having recently returned from a month long cycling trip to Italy and Slovenia (well cycling half the time) I thought I’d share some of the experiences.

    See my experiences

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We take racing seriously, but we also enjoy our cycling and involve our club members regardless of their level and abilities.

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