• Feb 17   2015

    Club Track Championships Results

    The following is a link to the results of the Club Track Championships held at Dunc Gray on 14 February 2015. Thanks to all officials and participants for a great day of track competition.

    Track Champs

    Club Track Championships Results

Waratah Masters racing results

from 01.03.2015 – Graded Scratch Race at SMSP Full GP Circuit, Eastern Creek
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Waratah tempo  Edition : 430 (13 February 2015)
  • Quote of the Week

    "I'm Italian. I'll cuddle anything."
    Peter Mangioni







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  • Rider of the Week: Dennis Nel

    This train wreck did 90 km this morning, averaging 32 kph at an average power output of 200 watts. Not bad for a bag of broken bones held together with screws.
    It used to be an endurance runner, completing marathons, the 46 km Six Foot Track in Katoomba and the 90 km Comrades Marathon from Durban to Pietermaritzburg in South Africa. On a bike it scaled the Stelvio and received the blessing of la Madonna del Ghisallo (see past exploits), not to mention Waratah B grade and the blessing of Gil Gourvil.
    In between times it was a wowser (see past life), went through three wives and was run over by a horse float. There’s probably a connection. Then just over three years ago it all fell apart—literally! A broken left shoulder, followed by a torn right supraspinatus (rotator cuff) the next year, topped off by a broken hip last year!
    Man, he was f****d!
    But, being the Waratah hero that he is Dennis has clawed his way back over the past agonising 12 months to the figures recorded this morning. He’s not back to his best yet but to the untrained eye he looks the goods, apart from the limp and a tendency to point to Magnetic North.
    His enduring credo is “Life’s about attitude. You’ve got to make a difference!” He’s done that alright, being only recognisable by his dental records and incorrigible tendency to flog TVs and sound systems.
    We wish him well in his recovery.

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  • Peleton Pete

    Handicappers Anonymous
    Typically we have little idea of what they look like and would probably walk straight past them in the street. But they’re still the officials we love to hate. Either too soft on rivals, or too hard on us. See Peter Maniaty's article on  what is it really like to be a handicapper?

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  • Ernie's Excursions

    Friday and 183 km up for the week. Last weekend was a busy time for me with the Club track championship at DGV. I must say it was a great day of racing with a really good roll up of riders and there were a few riders that had never been on a velodrome before let alone ridden a fixie but it only took them a few laps around the duck board to get the courage to go up onto the banked track.  There was only one fall during warm up when one rider went around the end bank too slowly (you need to be above 20 kph) so as you don’t lose traction and slide down the bank.
    Having covered this event for many years I have seen a big improvement in the Waratah riders’ track skills and confidence and as you know I have been banging on for years about how track riding is exciting and how it polishes up your racing skills and builds your bunch riding confidence and helps you to better judge your positioning in tight groups.  To see all the shots taken on the day go to my web site  www.erniesmithphoto.com.au and for those of you that didn’t enter you can see what a great time your fellow riders had and I bet if you ask them they will tell you that it was the best training and racing session that they had ever had.   more ...

  • Kaffee Klatsch

    "G'day mate. The usual thanks Nick. Mate you should have been there this morning."
    "I rather thought I was, depending on where there was--so to speak."
    "Mate, you should have seen him!"
    "Why what?"
    "Why should I have seen Gonzo, if I'd been there, of course?"
    "You said you were there."
    "No I didn't--look, let's start this conversation again. What has Gonzo done now?"
    "Only turned up with his knicks inside out, that's what"
    "Why on earth did he do that?"
    "Who knows mate--you know Gonzo--lights on but nobody at home. But it was a real scream! The boys reckoned he looked like a  baboon with a big red arse and they all kept goosing him."
    "I never cease to be amazed by the subtlety of the peleton."
    "Mate that was nothing, when we stopped at the lights there were two old dears crossing and one of them asked him where he got his incontinence pads! We nearly fell off our bikes laughing...Abbo did, but that was 'cos Gonzo belted him for calling him Nappyrash--it was a scream."
    "What an exciting and varied life you lead and here comes Nick's new waitress with our coffees to raise your hopes and top it off--so to speak."

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  • Granny's Egg Suckers

    So you thought that the Waratahs were just a bunch of weekend road warriors, well think again. Over 30 of your fellow club members took to the boards of the Dunc Gray velodrome to strut their stuff last weekend at our Club Track Championships. The numbers have been down a bit in recent years so it was great to see so many riders in attendance . Even more pleasing was the number of riders who were new to a fixed wheel and, without exception, everyone did it in style. That said, there are a few tricks to learn about riding on a velodrome the most important being not to forget that you are on a fixie; you normally only forget once and when you do, you get a bit of a jolt through the system. Trick number two is not to stiffen up too much, just relax the upper body and put all of your energy into the pedal power. Trick number 3 is all about gearing, if you are a regular trackie like Terry “Mr Smoothy” Freshwater, you will have a very stylish bag full of chainrings   more ...

  • Happy Jack's Life-coaching corner

    “I will have what she is having”- maybe not
    I seem to hit my fair share of ‘cat’s eyes’ while out riding. You get more hits if you do a lot of riding next to parked cars. There is not a lot of space to work with on two-laned roads. Potential opening doors on one side and traffic zooming by on the other. You usually end up riding on the white line…where the cat’s eyes lay in waiting. The dilemma is whether to look out to dodge the eyes, or the watch for opening doors or look behind for :’car back’… What is the safe option?
    Roads are designed for cars (and bigger wheeled vehicles). And if you were driving on a wet road on a dark night, you will appreciate the extra guidance provided by the ‘cat’s eyes’. On freeway exit ramps – there are also different coloured eyes. And on the freeway edges – there are the ripple strips to wake you up.   more ...

We take racing seriously, but we also enjoy our cycling and involve our club members regardless of their level and abilities.

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