• Apr 06   2015

    New Prize Manager Required

    We are seeking a replacement for George Matz, our long standing prize manager. George is travelling much of the time this year and is therefore unable to continue in this role. We are all very grateful for George's great work over many years. We are therefore seeking a volunteer to take over this role. The person would be required to attend race meetings most Sundays and would be responsible for managing the Club's prize pool, which largely consists of various gift vouchers and some tyres and tubes. If you would like to volunteer for this role or would like more information please contact Gil Candido on 0400 828 877 or gil@candidoassociates.com.au Remember you'll be the most popular person in the Club and races can't occur without a prize manager.

Waratah Masters racing results

from 12.04.2015 – Graded Scratch Race at SMSP North Circuit, Eastern Creek
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Waratah tempo  Edition : 434 (17 April 2015)
  • Ernie's Excursions

    Friday and 185 km up for the week. Last Sunday at SMSP I was talking to George Cady and I asked him how has he been going after Margaret passed away, well George teared up and he told me that they had been married 60 years. Then George told me that over the last few years he had been to hell and back as he got addicted to morphine and had to be locked away in hospital to dry out and even when he was eventually let out he still had to be locked up at home with Margaret having full responsibility for his security and well being.
    George was telling me that at one stage in his many hospital visits he technically died three times and on one occasion he was put into palliative care and he awoke during the night to see a figure floating around the room and George, being George, he told the vision to P…..s off and next morning George was telling the nurse about his vision and she told George he was the fellow that measures you up for the box.
    Now on a lighter note I got an email from Stephen Joyce and after his hip operation he began to get cabin fever so he decided to return to work three days a week travelling by taxi. Unfortunately on the third day a fire alarm was triggered and Stephen had to hobble down two floors on crutches with 100 people patiently hovering behind him. This would have put a lot of pressure on him.   more ...

  • Kaffee Klatsch

    “G’day mate. A flat white and raisin toast thanks Nick, it’s cold out. Mate how old’s that crappy plastic frame of yours?”
    “Here we go! I take it you mean my top of the range carbon-fibre monocoque hand-crafted in the USA? About six years, why?
    “Cos TT reckons you only get five years tops out of a plastic frame before they go soft, and when you’re overweight like you, more like three!”
    “Could this be, do you think, because he only sells aluminium frames, which also have the same sort of early decay rates if my memory serves me?”
    “Nah mate, he reckons they’ve got the aluminium metallurg....metallur...metal sorted now and they last for ever, whereas the plastic still goes soft quickly, and mate I’ve noticed your bottom bracket flexing all over the place when you do what you laughingly call a sprint!”
    “At least you must have been behind me to have noticed!
    “Nah mate I’d lapped you! TT also reckons it’s progressive so you don’t notice the fall-off in performance until you try a new bike that’s still stiff”.
    “Hmmm. Sounds a bit like marriage! Did you happen to see that article in Bicycling Australia last month about the life of carbon-fibre bikes? They came to the conclusion that it varies from maker to maker and depends on the construction, lay-up of the fibres, the composition of the resin and the amount of use you put the bike to.   more ...

  • Sex After 60

    It may come as a surprise to many of you that sex is dead and buried in a remote corner of an Eastern Suburbs cemetery--or then again it may not!
    It’s a shame that it’s dead actually, not just because it provided a much-needed cardio-vascular workout when it was too wet to ride the bike, but also because of its role in the prevention of prostate cancer. That’s right, no less a body than the Cancer Council of Victoria has conducted research to show that regular ejaculatory sex can ward off the onset of prostate cancer.
    Now for those of you who can’t distinguish prostate from prostrate it’s a small gland located just under the bladder and is wrapped round the urethra, the tube which drains urine from the bladder and conducts semen to the penis. Its sole purpose is to provide the slippery medium for semen to get where it needs to go. Its just like a permanent oil-can lubricating the works. Like every other system, if you don’t use it it will malfunction and clog up,   more ...

  • Happy Jack's Life-coaching Corner

    Anatomy of an Anxiety Attack
    It was a feeling of mounting panic. The area just below the heart felt like hardening concrete and all my limbs felt heavy. My mind was racing off into many directions and refused all efforts of reining in. Nothing felt right…
    This was the onset of my anxiety attack.
    Life serves up moments. Like the racing bunch that suddenly slows down and we are forced to make fast corrections so that crashing into the riders in front of us can be avoided. For seasoned riders, there is no panic. Just a practised reaction. For others, it may bring on a moment of panic – which can slow reactions down and cause a crash.
    Then there is the type of panic I felt when Shirley asked “which day is our wedding anniversary?”. When you forget the date of your wedding, you can get into deep trouble – and I had to use all my dodging and weaving techniques to survive that question.
      more ...

  • Like Father Like Son

    This is going out to my family and extended family and friends to let you know that (in the footsteps of my Dad Graham) I am doing a big bike ride this year, riding from Adelaide, past Ayers Rock to Darwin in the north. This is 150 kilometres a day in the saddle with the heat, the dust and the blow flies. (Blow flies are just like normal flies, but four times bigger and eight times more annoying). It sounds like a crazy idea and you can imagine the scenery; sand, sand, sand, sand, sand, big rock, sand, sand, sand, water. But it is for a good cause, as it is a charity ride raising money for a non-profit organisation called the Black Dog Institute who are leaders in Australia for the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of mental illnesses. It is a really good cause and I am committing to raising $5000 (and for my own costs I pay my own way). 
    If you are asking yourself "Why is Christopher telling me all this... It sounds great but I definitely have something else planned for that week". The good news is that I am not asking you to accompany me on the bike for the gruelling 150km a day ride over eight days. 
    However I would like to reach out to you to consider a tax-deductible donation to support my fundraising efforts. It is fairly straight forward, I have a fundraising page online where you can donate and be certain that your donation goes to the charity and not to taxis fares which would allow me to skip some of the particularly nasty sections   more ...

  • Granny's Eggsuckers

    Full Frontal
    As we head towards Monday’s big event at Eastern Creek it looks like we might have record fields in every grade. This gives all of us Waratahs a fantastic opportunity to compete in our own Club's event against the cream of Masters riders in Sydney and beyond. Even if you are rather daunted by riding in a really big peleton there is one thing you just have to do to give yourself the best chance of success and that is to stay as near to the front  as possible without putting your head into the wind any more than you have to. Many of you will have fond memories of Keith Oliver who was a great athlete but also won many races for the Parramatta Club against equally good bike riders by positioning himself in the first 4 or 5 riders without spending much time at the head of the pack until the final gallop for the line. There is one school of thought that works on the basis of hiding away at the back until the last 2 or 3 laps and then steadily bridging up to the front for the final effort. This works sometimes but in a big field and even on the Eastern Creek circuit this can take a lot of energy and many other riders will have the same strategy; far better to be up there already  and stick onto the wheels of riders who have already spent a few pennies. Being close to the front also allows you to react to breakaways which won’t happen if you are down the back. You will have no idea what is happening and your race could be all over in the first 15 minutes.   more ...

We take racing seriously, but we also enjoy our cycling and involve our club members regardless of their level and abilities.

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