• Mar 24   2015

    Colnago/Erik Mather Cup Entries Closing Sunday

    Entries for the Colnago/Erik Mather Cup are closing this Sunday. The event will be held at Eastern Creek Raceway (SMSP) on Easter Monday, 6 April. Prizes will exceed $6,000, including $1.000 cash for the A grade winner. There will also be cash prizes for the first female in all grades. Enter now via the CNSW web site.

  • Mar 05   2015

    New Prize Manager Required

    We are seeking a replacement for George Matz, our long standing prize manager. George is travelling much of the time this year and is therefore unable to continue in this role. We are all very grateful for George's great work over many years. We are therefore seeking a volunteer to take over this role. The person would be required to attend race meetings most Sundays and would be responsible for managing the Club's prize pool, which largely consists of various gift vouchers and some tyres and tubes. If you would like to volunteer for this role or would like more information please contact Gil Candido on 0400 828 877 or gil@candidoassociates.com.au Remember you'll be the most popular person in the Club and races can't occur without a prize manager.

Waratah Masters racing results

from 29.03.2015 – Criterium Race at Lansdowne Park
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Waratah tempo  Edition : 432 (20 March 2015)
  • Club of the Week LACC

    The Lidcombe Auburn Cycling Club is our sister club in Sydney. We race together in friendly competition and although LACC has junior grades, most of the interaction is between the Masters. We share mutual interests and standards, both on and off the race course and routinely enjoy each others' company during and after the morning training.
    One of the more popular training venues is round the Sydney Olympic Park at Homebush Bay where most mornings up to 100 riders can be seen circulating harmoniously in six self-selected groups under the benevolent patronage of LACC, conducted with flawless self-regulation and not a traffic marshall or commissaire in sight!
    After training, the various groups disperse to their favourite local coffee shops to recover and tell lies over the magic elixir. One of the most popular and longest patronised watering holes is George's Quad Cafe where over the last few mornings LACC have been shouting all assembled riders free coffee in the name of friendship and cameraderie of the wheel--which is what tempo and Waratah also stand for.
    Chapeaux! to LACC for this kind and generous gesture but before you make a beeline to George's for a freebie, generous though it is, it can only be a one-off gesture of goodwill not a new custom.
    What LACC has elegantly demonstrated is that cycling is as much about friendship as competition and the older we get the more we cherish quality of life over quantity of performance.

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  • Ernie's Excursions

    Friday and very few km this week as I spent four long days and nights covering the Australian Masters’ Track Championships.  My average sleep time was 5/6 hours a night and as I am not a young buck it eventually took its toll on me so a few nice sleep-ins to catch up was the order of the day (literally). Over the days I witnessed some great racing and saw Australian and World records being broken. One of the records was by Adelia Reyneke who did 166 laps of the track at over 40 kph  in one hour. It was a mighty effort and I am sure we are going to hear a lot more of this young lady in the future.
    Stephen Joyce is another story, he was riding the best I have seen him going for quite a while.  He was away with the leading bunch when Murphy’s law kicked in and, you guessed it, the next thing he remembers is being woken up on the deck with a busted hip. Such a shame but a lot of us riders have similar memories of being woken with assorted busted bones.   more ...

  • Granny's Eggsuckers

    Don’t Squeal to me
    The other day while the Poacher was enjoying the descent down to Akuna Bay he was rudely interrupted by the squealing brakes of a number of his colleagues. Not only does this disturb the peace but it also causes everyone in the group to back off in case the squeal becomes a thud. Brake squeals are all about vibration and can usually be fixed quite simply when you get home. More often than not they are caused by a build-up of grime on your rims and brake pads. Not unsurprisingly this can be remedied by cleaning both rim and pad with an appropriate alcohol based cleaner. You will be amazed how black the cloth gets. Once that’s done take out the wheel and check the brake pad properly and see if it’s shiny, if so get some 60 grit sandpaper and rough it up a bit. This also helps to eliminate squeal and also improves brake performance.
    If the problem persists you need to check the ‘toe in’ alignment of the pads. For best performance the front of the pad should touch the rim first with the rest of the pad engaging the rim as you brake harder. To get this adjustment right, loosen the pad holder and put a 5 cent coin against the rim at the rear of the pad, squeeze the brake and retighten with the coin still in place. This will ensure that the front of the pad touches first and generally solves every squeal.  If you are still squealing, buy some new pads and toe them in as above. Remember, carbon rims need carbon specific pads.
    Finally if all these approaches fail, throw the bike away and buy some running shoes, just make sure they don’t squeak!.
    The Poacher.

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  • Happy Jack's Life-coaching Corner

    Nobody is keeping your score.
    Fairness and justice is pure fiction. Every few weeks, I take up the role of ‘commissaire’ on a Sunday club race. My job is to ensure that the racing is fair and safe. And this tends to result in my hearing of complaints post-race about rider behaviour. And I am supposed to keep scores and make a fair judgement…. Something that I am ill-equipped to do.
    As we go through life, we tend to collect ‘scores that we have to settle…’ Scoring tends to feature prominently in how we live our lives. There is a score to every type of game we play. Singles rate ‘SCORING’ fairly high on their weekend agenda. And even music has a score.
    I have a slight leaning towards the belief of ‘Karma’ – although I know that the whole concept is flawed. Karma relies on the fact that someone is keeping score (specifically YOUR score)…When in fact, the only one who keeps your score is yourself….and any other scores that involve you (as kept by others) - is only to make things interesting for them. There is no grand register that keeps score of every human being - past present or future…Such a register would make Google’s huge search database seem like a drop of water in the oceans of the world.   more ...

  • Kaffee Klatsch

    "G'day mate. The usual thanks Nick. Mate, are they your shades?'
    "Sunglasses? Yes, why do you ask?"
    "They look really cool. What brand?"
    "Rude Awakening's Super Tourers, as worn by Ego Tistical when he won the Terrible-Aquatico last week."
    "Yeah, I saw that. Tough tour! So do you reckon they're the go? I've just broken mine--sat on them."
    "With your weight that would have been terminal. Yes I'm very happy with them and they only cost $250 plus postage from Milano."
    "250 bucks? Jesus, are they worth it?"
    "Of course--they're super polarised, UV and infra-red calibrated and matched to my dna. When I walk into a room the lens change colour and my name is revealed in a tasteful contrast--and I have the choice of 15 lens colours plus a year's subscription to Eye Health--great value."
    "Sheesh! All I want is a pair to keep the flies out of my eyes, but they have to look cool."
    (Voice chiming in) "Have a look at these. I bought them in the local Hot Dollar shop for $9.99. They do everything yours do plus you get a free bike--its only a Pinarello but you expect cost-cutting at that price."
    "Not bad." (putting them on) "Do I look cool?"
    "No, but no glasses on earth are going to remedy your genetic shortcomings."
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  • At Last the Light Dawns

    Psst! Want to save over a minute on a 10km time trial - just by using light and its effects on your body physiology? Course you do! Read Simon Kidd's analysis of this illuminating research.










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